Supercharge your static sites with Airtable embeds

Allan Lasser

UX Engineer, TakeShape

Embed Airtable views in the block canvas to give your static pages new powers

In the most recent release of TakeShape, we updated the block canvas field with support for Airtable embeds. While it sounds simple, this single update unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for your static sites.

In this post, we'll explore a few possible uses for Airtable embeds using some of the sample bases they provide.

Add a staff page

If you already maintain a staff list in Airtable, you could use an embed to add a staff page to your static site! This way, you can provide a rich, searchable directory of your employees and departments with no extra work:

Share your product roadmap

If you've use a simple static site to promote a software product, you could use an embedded Airtable form to share a product roadmap with your users:

You could even use an embedded Form view to accept new feature requests from your users!

Host an event calendar

But why focus only on work when your static site could be focused on play? Imagine you host the site for your local soccer league, and want to share a public calendar of your games? It's an easy win with an embedded Calendar view:

Create a catalog

You could even embed a beautiful gallery view to share a holiday gift guide—or your own birthday wishlist:

This was just a brief look at some of the possibilities—these examples only scratch the surface of what you can create.

If you come up with your own brilliant use cases, we'd love hear about them! Reach out to us at or click on the little chat bubble in the bottom corner to start a conversation with our team.