The Top 10 JAMstack Community Resources

Navin Mani

Developer Advocate

Here are the top 🔝 10 JAMstack resources from the community!

More than just a modern web development architecture 🏛 based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup, JAMstack is revolutionizing the way we think about workflow by providing a simpler developer experience, better performance, lower cost and greater scalability. 🤟

  1. A simple guide that will help you understand why it exists and how to get started. 🎬
  2. A directory of tools and services from the New Dynamic 🛠
  3. The New Dynamic Slack channel 🗣
  4. The subreddit for JAMstack developers 👾
  5. A talk about the powerful front end developer 🎤
  6. The hub for JAMstack conferences throughout the world 🌎
  7. A JAMstack guide, set of resources, and more 🤝
  8. A carefully curated list of awesome JAMstack tools 📝
  9. A radio show all about the JAMstack 📻
  10. A talk about the rise of the JAMstack from the person who coined the term 🎙