The simplest way to try out a site built with TakeShape is to use Codeanywhere.

For this example we are going to use the Shape Blog pattern.

  • Right-click on the connection you just created and click SSH Terminal
  • An SSH connection will be initiated and you will be provided with a bash shell
  • Copy and paste this command into the shell and press enter

cd ~/workspace/shape-blog && npm install

  • Next run npx tsg init, and follow the prompts to connect your project with TakeShape
  • Run npm run start
  • Right-click on your connection, select Info, and copy the first URL on the Info Page
  • Paste the URL into a new tab, remove the trailing forward-slash if there is one, and add :5000 to the end so that your browser is pointed at the server you just started => =>
  • Congratulations! You've created your first TakeShape site. Try messing around with the template files in src/templates or the content in your TakeShape project to see your changes reflected in your site.

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