Configuring Vercel

TakeShape supports a 1-click Vercel (formerly ZEIT) integration through Vercel's OAuth service. 

First you'll want to make sure you're logged into your Vercel account

Next go to Project Settings>Integrations and click Link.

Authorize TakeShape to connect with your Vercel account

If everything worked then you'll see your Vercel profile information.

You can now add a Static Site. Go to Static Sites>New Static Site.

Name the site however you like and then select "Vercel" from the "Provider" dropdown.

If you already have a project configured on Vercel you can select it from the dropdown.

Otherwise you can create a new project on Vercel from within TakeShape.

The "Project Name" must be unique to your Vercel account and cannot be changed.

You can Save the configuration and then from your command line tsg init your project and tsg deploy up to the newly created static site.

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