TakeShape's Block Canvas editor supports embedding content from other sites as long as they support the oEmbed standard. The following sites are on the approved list of domains embed. If there is a domain you'd like added to the list, drop us a line at support@takeshape.io or let us know in the live chat.

Add an oEmbed block to the block canvas

  • facebook.com
  • twitter.com
  • youtube.com
  • vimeo.com
  • instagram.com
  • codepen.io
  • collegehumor.com
  • flickr.com
  • funnyordie.com
  • gettyimages.com
  • hulu.com
  • kickstarter.com
  • reddit.com
  • scribd.com
  • slideshare.net
  • soundcloud.com
  • nytimes.com
  • twitch.tv
  • actionnetwork.org
  • airtable.com
  • codesandbox.io

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