What is a Pattern?

A Pattern is a project schema and optional example content that is made public so anyone can add it to their TakeShape account.

How do I create a Pattern?

The easiest way is to start with an exported project. You can export a project in the following ways:

  • Export using the web app (under Project Settings)
  • Export using the CLI (instructions)
  • Export using the API (instructions)

What files are in a Pattern?

schema.json (example)

The heart of the Pattern. This file describes the Shapes (content types) that make up the Pattern.

data.jsonl (example)

The optional example content of the Pattern. This content will fit the schema described in schema.json.

pattern.yaml (example)

The metadata describing the Pattern. This information will help people know what a Pattern is useful for. The following fields are supported:

  • name (string)
  • description (string)
  • icon (string -- any valid feather icon name)
  • color (string -- a six digit hexadecimal color such as #6235BF)
  • categories (sequence of strings)

How do I share a Pattern?

Using a URL

You can share a pattern by sharing a URL of this format:


Replace the repo parameter with the URL of your repository.

Using a button in your README

You can also add a nice Deploy To TakeShape button to the README in your repository. Here are the instructions. The button looks like this:

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