Block Canvas - TakeShape's "rich text" field. See Block Canvas docs for more detail.

Single Line Canvas - A single line rich text field. 

Markdown - Markdown field with preview that uses the CommonMark flavor of markdown.

Paragraph - A multi-line plain text field.

Single Line - A single line plain text field.


Object - Store several values under single property. A common use for an object is modeling an address:

Repeater - An array of objects

Color - A color picker which stores the selected color in RGB, HEX, HSV

Datetime - A Date and time picker.

Date - A Date picker where the time defaults to midnight in your project's selected timezone. See "How TakeShape handles dates" for more detail.

Asset - Pick an Asset from your project's Asset Library.

Number - A number field which can be setup to accept integer or floating point numbers.

Dropdown - A single selection dropdown menu.

Radio Buttons - Single selection radio buttons.

Multiple Choice Checkbox - A set of checkboxes which

On/Off Checkbox - A single checkbox boolean

Switch - Simple switch boolean.

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