Content, content, content

In the physical world it’s location location location that matters most, but in the digital world it's all about content. Text, images, photos, videos, and the experiences they come together to create…content is why people are using your site, your app, or your service. Content is King. Building great content experiences is a team activity; we see three modes of thinking being essential to a content team:

  • Product thinking 
  • Content thinking
  • Developer thinking

When these three skill sets are working together in unison, amazing things can happen.

Managing content means keeping a lot of plates in the air, but it doesn’t need to be frustrating. We built TakeShape so developers can save time usually spent deploying and administering a CMS, and spend it adding value to content by directly contributing to the user experience.

About TakeShape

TakeShape is a content management platform built for developers. TakeShape combines performance, flexibility, and the best practices of today to create what we believe is the best approach to content management.

Content management shouldn’t be hard. Our goal is to create the best experience for both developers and the content creators who work with CMSes every day. For developers, we’ve provided a frictionless framework to build your projects on. For content creators, we’ve created an intuitive interface and provided convenient features to find and manage content quickly.

Who is building TakeShape?

TakeShape was created by the team at Ronik. Ronik is a digital creative agency based in Brooklyn with decades of designing and building digital experiences under our belt.

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