Unite all of your services into a single backend

Compose, sync, and fetch content across all of your services with a single GraphQL API.

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One of our favorite thing about the JAMstack is how we can use the best services to power our websites and apps. But we also know that it takes way too much work to combine data between services, keep that data in sync between services, and memorize the particulars of each service's API.

That's why we're building TakeShape Mesh. We want to dramatically simplify and speed up your JAMstack development by letting you combine data from your services together, synchronize changes to data that's shared between services, and fetch all of the data critical to your app or website from a single GraphQL endpoint.

Mesh ties all of your services into a single API


Mesh provides a single GraphQL API for all of your important content and data. Simplify your codebase and prevent bugs by connecting to a single endpoint, rather than dozens.


Stop copying and pasting data between different services every time you make a change. Mesh keeps data synced between your services, so a change in one is reflected across all of them. Make each service into a source of truth and simplify your workflows knowing that your Mesh will keep everything in sync.


With Mesh's simple but powerful composer, you can combine and transform the data from your different services into a single output. Combine your e-commerce products with their analytics data. Enrich your blog posts with featured products. You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

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