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Quickly build and deploy sites that are fast, secure, and ready to scale.

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Anyone on your team can deploy

Visual commands from your project's web interface let any of your teammates deploy content changes at any time, regardless of developer skills.

Instantly see your changes go live

We've engineered our static site generator to be 10x faster than all the others, so your editors can see changes go live seconds after they hit publish.

Fully integrated with our content editor

Use the content you've already saved in TakeShape with all of its benefits, including a flexible asset pipeline, local image proxy, and an easy-to-use templating language.

Deploys to all of the most popular cloud providers

Instantly deploy your site to a growing number of cloud providers, including Netlify, AWS S3, and Google Cloud Storage. Or, deploy to your own server using (S)FTP.

TakeShape CLI

The tsg command line tool is your key to creating and deploying projects from your local environment or from your CI of choice.

> npm install takeshape-cli
> tsg init
> tsg watch
> tsg build
> tsg deploy

Nunjucks Templating

We use Mozilla's Nunjucks templating language. If you're familiar with jinja2 or Handlebars, you'll feel right at home.

Live Links

See where content is used on all of your static sites with Live Links

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