Composable AI for Composable Commerce

The Ultimate Data Layer for Commerce.

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Do More With Less

Optimize your engineering resources and save up to $250k to $500k annually. Prioritize your customer's experience and convert at a higher rate. Ship faster, streamline operations, and drive growth for your brand.


Improve your page rank and achieve 100's on your Lighthouse scores by using TakeShape's data orchestration. Our caching and indexing capabilities enable exceptionally fast websites, resulting in high Lighthouse scores.

Customer Experience

Convert window shoppers into customers with a seamless customer experience. Upgrade from janky JavaScript widgets to fully-integrated site components.


Integrate business-critical data and functionality from your best-in-class services such as OMS, subscriptions, CMS, email marketing, reviews, and personalization

Time to Market

Create an omni-channel ready API with just your front-end developers in hours instead of months.


We’ve Got Your Backend

TakeShape automatically generates a documented and typed GraphQL API to easily access all of your data and services from an optimized high performance endpoint.

API Mesh

Easily connect to any GraphQL or REST API using our pre-built service connectors. Eliminate the complexities of working with multiple APIs.


Test queries and mutations from your browser with automatic documentation. Our platform is fully integrated into your existing git workflow and platforms like Netlify and Vercel.

Auth & Permissions

Create custom roles to limit access to particular members and API keys.

Indexing and Caching

Boost origin API performance by multiple orders of magnitude and unlock new capabilities like complex filtering across multiple APIs.

Works With Your Favorite Framework

TakeShape works with all modern frameworks, meta-frameworks and static-site generators. Our comprehensive documentation includes sample code and starters.

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Gatsby.js
  • Vue
  • Nuxt.js

Prioritize your client's strategy over the backend.

Let us handle the backend details.

Focus on Strategy

As an agency, your unique value lies in the strategic thinking you bring to your clients' projects.

Resourcing Efficiency

Optimizing resource utilization is critical to the agency model. Maximize the potential of your front-end resources.

De-risk technical complexity

TakeShape manages the hardest part of a composable commerce build and provides full support. Reduce project risk by eliminating the need for complex custom backends.


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