GraphQL API Mesh For The Headless Web

Use TakeShape to combine all of your services and data into a single endpoint.

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Configurable API Mesh

Build your apps on the Jamstack

Configure an API mesh to connect and combine all of the dedicated services your project relies upon. Increase your productivity and reduce your stack’s complexity to ship new functionality faster.


Connect with any GraphQL or REST API, or use our pre-built service connectors. Say goodbye to managing dozens of API keys.


Easily modify your schema to define new queries, mutations, and types on top of your connected services.


Compose multiple services together in pipelines to combine data from multiple endpoints into a single response.

Hosted GraphQL API

We’ve got your backend

TakeShape automatically generates a documented GraphQL API to easily access all of your data and services from a single endpoint.

API Explorer

Test queries and mutations right from your browser, supported by automatic documentation.


Create custom roles to limit access to particular members and API keys.


Integrate your API into existing workflows with granular resource and trigger selections.

Bring your favorite front-end framework

TakeShape integrates with all of the most popular Jamstack static-site generators and frameworks available today, along with available sample code and examples, including (but not limited to):

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Gatsby.js
  • Vue
  • Nuxt.js
Editable Data Store

Extend your service data with assets and custom content

Import and edit the data from connected services. Combine the data from multiple services together. Easily add new managed fields if you need them.

Rich Data Editing

Our library of form widgets render data in rich formats and provide robust editing capabilities.

Version History

Undo any changes—field by field, or all at once—from any previously saved version.

Built-in i18n

Robust support for locales means that you can easily translate your data for different languages and regions.

Image CDN

We use Imgix to serve and manipulate your image assets, from simple resizing to AI-powered cropping.

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