Summer of Jamstack: Part Deux is almost here!

Jaden Baptista

Front-End Full-Stack Developer (yep)

Hey all!

Over here at TakeShape, we love the Jamstack community — we've been here since the beginning, after all. To that end, we help out a lot of the Jamstack meetups with sponsorships, organizing, support, content, and giveaways so they can keep bringing this amazing community together.

Our biggest involvement is the Jamstack Philly chapter: a group we host ourselves over here at TakeShape. We've actually got a big event coming up here on Wednesday, August 4th at 12PM ET! Here's a quick preview of the schedule:

12:05 Brian Douglas from GitHub — Rebuilding Netlify Features in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions make it easy to automate all your software workflows. I'm personally a big fan, especially after watching Brian make good use of it on his regular streams. In this talk, he's going to demo converting some of Netlify's biggest features to GitHub Actions. An intriguing side-effect (besides having more control over your workflow) is that it makes these features available regardless of which hosting service you use: a vital part of the Jamstack ideology.

12:20 Jeff Eaton from Autogram — Putting the Language Back in Your Pattern Language

How do we build front end components, design systems, and content models that work well together? The answer is that it takes planning and a good bit of foresight. I chatted with Jeff about this a while back on my weekly interview series, and man, was that fun. I'll be honest: as a developer I find planning out content and patterns to be quite boring, but Jeff made it enjoyable and practical, and he's going to do the same at Jamstack Philly.

12:35 Ana Rossetto from Marzee Labs — Creating a Local Community and Spreading the Word about Jamstack

One of the most important pillars of Open-Source is its community. In this talk, Ana will share a bit of the story behind the JamstackOPO (that's the chapter in Porto, Portugal) meetup and share some tips about creating a local community from scratch. As the Business Developer at Marzee Labs — a Portugal-based web development company that specializes in building super fast Jamstack websites — she's one of the most qualified people out there to sharing this advice. Ana has been leading the JamstackOPO meetup community since 2018 and is always happily contributing to the Jamstack community with her business mindset.

12:45 James Cox from WebstaurantStore — Navigating Tech with a Non-Technical Background

We all know James. He's been everywhere on Twitter sharing his experiences as he discovered new areas of code, joined a bootcamp and graduated mid-pandemic, struggled to find an initial role, and celebrated with the community when he was finally hired. That's a long journey... and he's going to run us through it in 10 minutes. In this talk, James will share some tidbits of advice he wish he knew 15 months ago to the newer developers among us.

1:10 Tessa Mero from Cloudinary — Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: an Overview

We've all heard clients casually ask for borderline-impossible things before, like: "the video should play smoothly on any internet connection." Yeah, right. Slowly but surely, though, these once difficult tasks are becoming easy, and with the introduction of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, smooth video-playing regardless of connectivity is one of them. A true expert, Tessa Mero from our sponsor Cloudinary, will show us the ropes and get us acquainted with the basics of ABR so we don't have to roll our eyes when the next client mentions streaming like it's no big deal.

1:25 Ceora Ford from Apollo — Why Eleventy Is Super Cool

Did you know that Eleventy isn't even at version 1.0 yet? It's hard to believe, because it's one of most widely used and loved static site generators out there. Some days I even forget others exist... I haven't gotten to mess with it much yet unfortunately, so thank goodness for Ceora, who, in this talk, is going to delve into the basics as well as all the little fun pieces that incite so many people to rave about Eleventy.

1:40 Jaden Baptista from TakeShape — State of the Jamstack

My turn! I figured it'd be nice to close out this massive two-part Jamstack Philly comeback with a reflection on the past and on the future. This series has featured almost 20 speakers, all with varying opinions about what we should be working with today, so I thought I'd ask some of them about what happens next. Where do we go from here? Their answers sure surprised me. In this talk, I'll close the Summer of Jamstack by finding a way to wrangle an hour's worth of in-depth forecasting into 20 minutes, honing on on 4 key predictions supplied by experts in the Jamstack community. Special thanks go to Chris Bach, Flor Antara, Brian Rinaldi, Henri Helvetica, Jeff Escalante, and Francois Lanthier Nadeau for helping me get my thoughts in line here.

I'm really excited for this meetup and to hear what our wonderful cast has to teach us. We'll be broadcasting over to Twitter, so make sure to check out the Jamstack Philly Twitter account to watch it there. Better yet, RSVP at to get the Zoom link where you can join, network, and participate with us live. I'll see you all there!