• Generous Free Tier

    Get started for free and pay-as-you-grow pricing

  • Unlimited

    Paid plans have unlimited data types and rows

  • Instant GraphQL API

    A unified GraphQL API automatically created for you. Supports high-throughput reads and writes.

  • Connect any API

    GraphQL or REST API, we've got you covered. Configure your own or use our pre-built connectors.

  • API Explorer

    We've built an API explorer right into TakeShape, so you can see how changes to your content model will impact your API.

  • Drag and Drop Data Modeling

    Simple enough that everyone on your team can do it.

  • Permissions

    Protect your connected APIs and keep your keys private.

  • Documentation

    Automatically generated docs for your API

  • Complete version history

    You can restore your schema or your data to any point in the past

  • Transforms

    Build a schema that transforms data on the fly.

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)

    The takeshape command line tool is your key to creating and deploying projects from your local environment or from your CI of choice

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  • Data Portability

    Complete import / export of your data and schema with one click.

  • Fully managed

    A GraphQL API with no backend to maintain

  • HTTPS by Default

    TakeShape always serves your content over HTTPS.

  • Robust Search

    Backed by Elasticsearch and supports complex filtering.

  • Webhooks

    Granular resource and trigger selection

  • Asset Management

    Manage images, video, and just about any other type of binary content.

  • Collaborative

    Invite and work with team members from within projects.

  • Image Manipulation

    We use imgix to manipulate your image assets. Imgix offers tons of image manipulations from the most essential resizing to AI powered cropping.

  • User Roles

    Multiple user roles and custom permissions for enterprise projects allow for fine granted access control

  • i18n

    Localize into multiple language and region combinations.

  • Field level validation

    Write custom RegEx validations for any field.

  • Multiple Projects

    A single login for all of your TakeShape projects.

  • SSO

    Enterprise ready single sign-on.

  • Works great with any Static Site Generator

    Building on the Jamstack, use our Gatsby plugin or follow our official Next.js example. Our API works with any SSG that supports GraphQL.

  • Great Support

    Chat with the TakeShape team on Slack or in-app messenger

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