Supercharge Your E-commerce Strategy with Data Orchestration


A Guide for Tech Directors at Creative Agencies

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, a new approach to building digital experiences is gaining momentum. The most innovative and disruptive brands are adopting what's known as the modern commerce stack, and at the core of this approach is data orchestration. This blog post will delve into the concept of data orchestration for composable commerce and highlight the benefits of using for this purpose, a tool that can be particularly beneficial for creative agencies focusing on e-commerce.

What is Data Orchestration for Composable Commerce?

In the world of e-commerce, brands are constantly in search of ways to improve their digital experience, which is a critical component of the overall shopper journey. One strategy that innovative brands are adopting is the modern commerce stack, which is composed of modular, purpose-built tools that can be deployed by lean IT teams and support the business' need for speed both in performance and delivery. This approach allows teams to build features that drive differentiation while buying solutions to address core components, one of which is the data orchestration layer.

Data orchestration in this context refers to the management of the data flow within the modern commerce stack. Given the distributed nature of the modern commerce stack, data orchestration becomes a critical infrastructure component. It ensures that the data needed for delivering on a new "head" (a PWA that is a single-page application using static site generation) is managed effectively, addressing challenges such as stale data, concurrency, consistency, idempotency, scalability, availability, reliability, fault tolerance, and transparency.

Why offers a powerful solution for data orchestration in the composable commerce space. Here are some of the key benefits of using

Optimize Resources: TakeShape allows brands to do more with less, potentially saving up to $250k to $500k annually. It enables you to prioritize your customer's experience and convert at a higher rate, streamline operations, and drive growth for your brand.

Boost Performance: By using TakeShape's data orchestration, you can improve your page rank and achieve high Lighthouse scores. Its caching and indexing capabilities enable exceptionally fast websites.

Enhance Customer Experience: With TakeShape, you can convert window shoppers into customers by offering a seamless customer experience, upgrading from JavaScript widgets to fully integrated site components.

Interoperability: allows for the integration of business-critical data and functionality from your best-in-class services such as OMS, subscriptions, CMS, email marketing, reviews, and personalization.

Faster Time-to-Market: Create an omni-channel ready API with just your front-end developers in hours instead of months.

Developer-Friendly: automatically generates a documented and typed GraphQL API to easily access all your data and services from an optimized high-performance endpoint.

Simplify API Management: Easily connect to any GraphQL or REST API using pre-built service connectors and eliminate the complexities of working with multiple APIs.

Workbench: Test queries and mutations from your browser with automatic documentation. The platform is fully integrated into your existing git workflow and platforms like Netlify and Vercel.

Auth & Permissions: Create custom roles to limit access to particular members and API keys.

Indexing and Caching: Boost origin API performance by multiple orders of magnitude and unlock new capabilities like complex filtering across multiple APIs.

Focus on Strategy, Not Backends: As an agency, you bring unique value in the strategic thinking you offer to your clients' projects. allows you to prioritize your client's strategy over the backend, handling the backend details for you. This optimizes resource utilization, which is critical to the agency model, and maximizes the potential of your front-end resources. also manages the hardest part of a composable commerce build and provides full support, reducing project risk by eliminating the need for complex custom backends.

In conclusion, data orchestration is a vital component in the modern commerce stack. Using a tool like TakeShape for data orchestration can offer a multitude of benefits, from resource optimization and improved performance to better customer experience and efficient time-to-market. For creative agencies focusing on e-commerce, adopting such a tool can lead to significant improvements in their bottom-line and client satisfaction. Consider integrating TakeShape into your composable commerce strategy to supercharge your e-commerce initiatives.