• Design + implement cloud-based serverless + containerized infrastructure
  • Design + implement innovative GraphQL APIs
  • Implement event-driven api-first applications
  • Implement tools to improve developer experience both internally and open-source


  • 4+ years experience
  • Should be comfortable working remotely
  • Experience building serverless and containerized applications - AWS Lambda, Serverless framework, Docker, Kubernetes experience preferred
  • Deep experience with TypeScript or other strongly typed languages
  • Deep experience building GraphQL APIs - experience implementing advanced schema-stitching and microservice federation
  • Proficient with SQL (Postgres, MySQL, etc) and NoSQL (Mongo, DynamoDB, Redis, etc)
  • Familiar with search indexes such as ElasticSearch, Solr
  • Familiar with queuing and stream services such as AWS Kinesis, SQS, Rabbit MQ, Apache Kafka
  • Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures - functional programming experience preferred

About TakeShape

TakeShape aims to be the essential integration platform that seamlessly connects 17M front-end developers to the APIs they rely on to build their applications. We're developers, looking to make the lives of other developers better. Our founders are proudly based in NYC and we operate as a remote company with employees spread across over the United States.

How to Apply

Send a resume, github link, and any other supporting info to